• Piero Guidi Store

  • 430 West Broadway, New York City
  • From the brilliant white light to the historic references of the company’s Italian Urbino origins this new retail concept stands out for the visual quality of the displays, the simple elegance of the materials and the integration of new LED lighting technology. The store design shows the use traditional craft and the deployment of innovative materials such as eco-leather, 2” thick white concrete floors, laser cut/hand tooled metal, and custom printed ceiling coverings resulting in a space that is both modern and classic. All the display units are custom designed for the store to best show the products being offered. The two rows polished stainless steel and glass shelves cross the space in the short direction and allow the shopper to pass under and through them. They also serve to turn the merchandise displayed on the shelves towards the storefront vastly increase the products viewable from the street. The major wall display niches are loosely based on the proportional relationships found in parts of the Studiolo Rooms located in Urbino’s Palazzo Ducale.

  • The store is a unique blend of contemporary and classic elements which joins the products displayed to the architecture in an attempt to bring a joy and inspiration to the people that use both.

Project image