• Surabaya Mall

  • Surabaya, Indonesia
  • This behemoth of a building approximately 3,000,000 SF incorporates a complex group of programmatic elements. Malls with complex programs are often in found in Southeast Asia what distinguishes NEO is it is designed to integrate some extraordinary functions that are unique to it location in and its’ position in Surabaya, Indonesia. NEO is located close to the largest Residential development presently in Surabaya; it is visible from the highway as one approaches the city centre. The central volume incorporates high-end retail stores and boutiques, atriums, food courts, supermarkets, entertainment centres, convention halls, hotel, wedding venue, outdoor terrace, pool area. A large sculpture and interpretation of a symbol taken for Surabaya’s flag sits atop the complex and a roof is covered with photovoltaic cells.
Project image